Resisting You

By Fabiola Francisco

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Aiden is Chicago’s most desired bachelor. Women either want to tame him, or get lost in his touch. He’s a man who has it all: great job, money, and women.

When he meets Stacy, the one woman who doesn’t surrender to his inescapable appeal, he is faced with a challenge he can’t resist, an exhilarating chase he is determined to win.

The chase becomes a seduction neither of them can withhold. Will it last or are some habits too difficult to break?

This book contains sexually explicit content and language. It is intended for mature audience. 18+ please.

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More Than We Bargained For

By Jacqueline Winslow

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What would happen if you got tired of being single? In an instant you decided to change your fate. In that moment, you did a crazy audacious thing. That moment is just what happened to Samantha Peabody. Don’t think for a second she was bold , because she wasn’t. She was a bundle of nerves.
More Than We Bargained For is a moving story that brings two opposite people together as romance ignites even as their differences bring confrontations at every turn. Faith, hope, and love are intertwined.
This Inspirational Romance is more than a love story. It’s about an unexpected journey of learning what it takes to love. To be in love. And to be loved.

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Rebound Therapy

By Jerica MacMillan

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Jenna Anderson is still stuck in her grief a year after her fiance died in a tragic accident. All she does is go to work and spend time at home, her former spark gone. Her best friend decides she needs a rebound guy to have some fun and start to live again.

Brian MacCallum is the hot owner of the wine bar where Amy takes Jenna. He has a mischievous grin that he wields like a weapon to convince Jenna to give him a chance.

Will his love be enough to pull Jenna out of her grief so she can learn to live and love again?


“I’ve decided what your next step should be,” Amy says after the first movie is over. We’ve eaten half the pizza, and each plowed through half of our respective pints.

I groan, both from feeling overfull and with dread from hearing her decision for my life. “I’m stuffed,” I say, putting the lid back on my ice cream and getting up to put it in the freezer. “Do you want another Mike’s?”

“Sure. Aren’t you going to ask what I’ve decided?”

“No. I don’t want to know.”

“Yes, you do. It’s brilliant, I promise.”

“What happened to sympathetic Amy that I talked to on the phone earlier? Can I have her back?”

She grins. “Nope. It’s proactive Amy’s turn. Ask me what you should do next.”

I take a deep breath and brace myself. “Fine. What have you decided I should do next with my life?”

“You need a rebound.”


“A rebound. You know, to bounce back.”

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The Wedding Clause: Book One

By Belle Wilde

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Kate Williams has never belonged anywhere, to anyone, or anything so when alpha male, handsome, charismatic and wealthy Jonathan enters into her life bestowing her with all the attention she’s ever craved, she finds herself being drawn to his allure, until he gives her an offer she can’t refuse. She’s been let down in the past, but as long as she keeps her guard up and doesn’t fall in love everything should be fine, right?

Billionaire Jonathan Davenport can’t stop thinking about plain and curvy Kate, the woman he met in a New York hotel bar and with his mother dying of cancer, he devises a contract that means he gets to see Kate every day of his life, only, there’s a catch; under no circumstances whatsoever must they fall in love.

They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but can a potential marriage based purely on convenience, lust and desire really keep her one rule?

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By Foxy Tale

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I try to flee, but I am captured by Chase’s sultry lips. He says he can protect me, but I know that’s not true.

And after one night of passion, I have to make a choice—do I bring him into my nightmare, or do I push him away and save his life?

I can’t stop running.

I can’t escape the past.

I can’t stop giving myself to the one man that I never should have touched.

I don’t deserve him.
It’s better that I keep running, because if I don’t, his life will be in danger too.

And that’s a risk that I’m not willing to take.

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Seasons of Love

By Ginnie Carmichael

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Elsie seems to be the only person Alex is willing to let into his life. She wants to be with him more than anything, and is ready to give him the space he needs to confront his demons. What she doesn’t know is that the man she is slowly falling in love with might need more time than she can give.
Alex has been at rock bottom for far too long and Elsie seems to be the only person who can put some sunshine in his days. That is, until he realizes that she wants commitments he’s not yet ready to make. Dealing with his past is harder than ignoring it, but he’s going to have to face it if he wants to be with Elsie.
They both deserve a happy ending, but are they willing to put in the effort to make it work? Is their love for each other stronger than everything that tries to break them apart?

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At Her Service

By Various Authors

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A good man is easy to find…if you know where to look.

In this hot novella collection, manservants are up for any task and just a click or call away. When these sexy drivers, personal assistants, bodyguards and other hot men on the job make “your wish is my command” their mission, lust—and sometimes love—isn’t far behind.

Includes 8 all-new stories:

LACE FOREVER by Nicole Flockton
None of designer Lily Green’s careful lists can prepare her for her meeting with Grayson Warren—a bodyguard desperate to get his business back on track.

EYES OF THE WOLF by Emilia Mancini
Private detective Jake McDonnell has been hired to make sure Maria Rodriguez isn’t involved in illegal activities. What he discovers will leave his senses reeling and his body thrumming.

When Quinn Hathaway arrives on Marina Cassevete’s doorstep for a job, her instinct is to send the troublemaker away, but she can’t afford to tell the charming hustler “no.”

When a romance novelist hires disgraced football player Jude to help her block scenes, business turns to pleasure as the heat slowly turns up.

Sadie thinks her new neighbor Cole is an escort. He’s not. Given his womanizing past, she doesn’t believe he can be true. Could playing the part of hired boyfriend be the ticket to changing her mind?

Adam is a BDSM slave who, desperate for employment, has become a manservant. Although anxious about his new gig, he’s determined that his brand of submission is what lovely, heartbroken Helen requires.

Brody Kent wants to leave his rock star alter ego in the past. Is taking a gig as personal assistant to a pop princess Skylar Samuelson worth the risk of exposing his sordid past?

PERFECT ON PAPER by Kristina Knight
For three weeks, Daisy MacIntosh has been stringing Nick Vega’s firm along and they badly need the influx of cash a new contract will bring. Stepping in to become Daisy’s manservant isn’t the best idea, but it’s the only one he’s got.

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BRAND: A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance

By Maggie Sweet

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He used to be a darling, now he’s an absolute ass.

I feel like I waited my whole life for this, but you know what they say? Sometimes you really can’t go home again.
Brand is not the man I knew.
He’s arrogant.
He’s angry.
And he’s… huge.
Maybe something happened to him but I don’t even care anymore. I just want to get this birthday party over with and get on with my life, far away from all this.
I’m not going to let him get to me!
Not the way he stares at me.
Not the way he touches me.
No way.

Whatever this is, it has to end, NOW.

Standalone Novel with no cheating and NO CLIFFHANGER!

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The Braille Club

By J.A. Kerr

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Welcome to the Braille Club, where blindfolds are mandatory and members play sensual games of pleasurable endurance. Three couples take part in this exclusive, secret club for very different reasons…with very different results.
Benedict Harrison was a master of detachment…
Benedict’s first experience with the Braille Club changed his life forever when a mysterious woman reawakened his emotions and his passion. He encounters the darkly erotic Siena Waters again, and they begin a tumultuous affair and a business partnership, but what will happen if the true nature of their relationship is revealed?
Gabriella Ballantyne’s marriage is in trouble…
Her husband Max has grown cold, and Gabriella seeks out the Braille Club and its decadent delights in an effort to reawaken their hearts and strengthen their marriage. But when she presents him with his own membership card, she sees only revulsion in his eyes. Gabriella must use everything she’s learned from the club in a last-ditch effort to reconnect with Max and resurrect their love.
Abbey Marshall needs an escape from her cheating husband…
Abbey begins sensory lessons at the Braille Club, hoping it will help her regain control of Steve and prevent his straying. When the unthinkable happens, she is consumed with the need to learn the identity of Steve’s latest mistress. Left reeling and with her sanity in jeopardy, a chance visit from her husband’s former teammate might be her last chance to find the answers she needs.
At the Braille Club, the elite membership walks in the dark in order to find the light…they need to be blind before they can see. They’re ready—are you?

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My Love Forgive

By Anna Antonia

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Risa: I wasn’t supposed to be this reckless. Or this stupid. The beautiful man that held me, Damian Black, who I fell deeply, obsessively in love with, was determined to break me, to make me accept the new circumstances of our life. People like us were supposed to safe, sane, and all the rest, yes?

No. Not even close.

Damian: Risa Kelly had no idea who I really was—the money, my position, or where I came from—but she would learn for I was never going to give her up.She was mine and what was mine I kept.

No matter what.

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