Fake Date With the Billionaire

By Raven Rivers

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Jayla: I’m happy for my little sister, but I am not looking forward to her wedding. She’s marrying Kelly Westcott’s brother! I’ve never forgotten the way Kelly used all those cruel, ignorant stereotypes about Black people against me when we were kids. Maybe I should forgive her, but I just can’t.

And now I’ve found the perfect revenge, because I just met this super hot guy on my new interior design contract. He’s an architect, and really nice–and did I mention hot? Maybe it’s crazy, asking a perfect stranger to go to my sister’s wedding with me, but I did it anyway. And he said yes! Kelly will burn with jealousy when she sees me with him.

Derek: Oh, man. What have I done? I can’t believe I hid my real identity from Jayla. But I couldn’t risk telling her the truth. She’s the first woman I’ve wanted to date since I divorced my cheating wife five years ago. Jayla is beautiful, and I really like her–and she likes me for myself, not because I’m a billionaire.

So now I’m pretending to be Derek Brandon, average guy, instead of D.B. Drake, billionaire CEO. I’ve got two weeks to win her over, and maybe by then Jayla will be into me enough to forgive me. It’s just a little white lie. Right?

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By Sadie Black

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Today’s top authors in the BWWM genre have come together to bring you this fantastic offer: over 260,000 words of heart pounding, tear-jerking, sensual romance. This diverse bundle will satisfy the biggest appetite for romance with it’s billionaires, alpha males, and shifters.

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Sadie Black ~ Devoted
Rowena ~ Fated
Destiny Davis ~ The Billionaire’s Secret Mistress
Jacqueline Sweet ~ A Slice of Honeybear Pie
Rose Francis ~ The Billionaire’s Unexpected Assistant
Anita Snowflake ~ Cherry-Picked by the Billionaire
Mia Caldwell ~ SEALed with a Kiss
Alyse Zaftig ~ Dragons’ Princess
Ingrid Ash ~ Taming Tamara
July Knight ~ Dance For You
Emma Alisyn ~ Taken by the Fae Lord
Auriella Skye ~ Sword Delicacy

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The Skipper & the Billionaire Playboy

By Mia Caldwell

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Nadia and Sawyer are total opposites. The billionaire playboy is an irresponsible womanizer. She’s the serious, pragmatic sort, with her eyes firmly on achieving her dream of winning the America’s Cup. As the skipper of his yacht, she should refuse his outrageous suggestion to pose as his girlfriend during a visit to his family, but the money he offers means reaching her goals faster.

She expects his family to hate her and disapprove of his choice, but they’re warm and welcoming. The deception proves too much for her conscience, and she has to end the ploy. Sawyer is all for that, but has an unorthodox suggestion for making their agreement work. What if they stop pretending and give in to the attraction simmering between them? Will their fake relationship unexpectedly turn to real love?

This is a full-length standalone novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending.

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Summer of Love: The Billionaire’s Baby

By Imani King

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College graduate Natasha Ray decides to become a surrogate to pay off her student loans… but she’s stunned when she meets the man whose baby she is to carry – Blake Charlton, blue-blooded megastar, reigning king of Hollywood and a man who has yet to learn that money can’t buy love.

Natasha denies the connection between herself and the crazy-sexy leading man, keeping everything strictly platonic until a shocking revelation about his wife’s past impropriety causes his marriage to implode in a storm of tabloid headlines and heartbreak for the man who seemed to have everything.

Wary of Blake’s fame, Natasha tries to keep her distance even as he reveals an unexpected tender side – and an ability to get under her skin like no man ever has.

Can Blake and Natasha run the gauntlet of their wildly different upbringings and rabid media interest? Or will they both be punished for Blake’s decision to turn away from a way of life that suddenly seems shallow and empty in the light of his burgeoning relationship with Natasha? With her solid values and her refusal to be dazzled by the spotlights and flashbulbs of Hollywood, she’s like no one Blake has ever met before. But is she even interested in building a life with a man like him, whose every mistake since he was a teenager has made headlines and who is only now coming to realize that the best things in life really are free? Can Natasha put aside the circus of Blake’s life and open her heart to the man himself – and to the kind of love she’s always dreamed of?

“I was fighting with myself – with every instinct telling me to keep going and that little voice in the back of my mind telling me to slow down, to take a good hard look at what I was doing and how, even if he was newly single, nothing else had changed about our respective situations. Blake Charlton was a billionaire and a shining star in the Hollywood firmament – and he had more than earned his reputation as a player with a huge appetite for women. I was Natasha Ray, broke college graduate with bills to pay, a career to establish and a distinct lack of experience with men like that. What was I thinking?

That’s the problem, I wasn’t thinking. All I could do in Blake’s arms that night was feel – and he felt so damn good.”

Sexy, steamy and heartwarming, ‘Summer of Love’ is a full-length 55k romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers! It contains adult scenes and language.

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