The Skipper & the Billionaire Playboy

By Mia Caldwell

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Nadia and Sawyer are total opposites. The billionaire playboy is an irresponsible womanizer. She’s the serious, pragmatic sort, with her eyes firmly on achieving her dream of winning the America’s Cup. As the skipper of his yacht, she should refuse his outrageous suggestion to pose as his girlfriend during a visit to his family, but the money he offers means reaching her goals faster.

She expects his family to hate her and disapprove of his choice, but they’re warm and welcoming. The deception proves too much for her conscience, and she has to end the ploy. Sawyer is all for that, but has an unorthodox suggestion for making their agreement work. What if they stop pretending and give in to the attraction simmering between them? Will their fake relationship unexpectedly turn to real love?

This is a full-length standalone novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending.

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