Hot Pursuit

By Lynn Raye Harris

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Ten years ago, Matt Girard did something he shouldn’t. When sweet Evie Baker offered him her virginity, he took it. Then he left town and never looked back…until now. His future as a black ops soldier with the Hostile Operations Team is in jeopardy, and he’s come home for a few days before going back to face the consequences of a mission gone wrong. He didn’t expect to run into Evie, or the effect she’d still have on him.

Evie wants nothing to do with him—at first—but when her sister goes missing and her ex-boyfriend turns up dead, she needs Matt’s special military skills. With time running out, Matt will put everything on the line to protect Evie and find her sister. Even if it means sacrificing all he’s worked for with HOT. Sometimes, the reward is worth the price. Especially when it’s the one woman he can’t forget…

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