Hot Blooded

By Jessica Lake

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He’s the ultimate British bad boy. She’s the straight-laced career girl with a huge secret. She knows she should stay away from him…

Callum: “So easy. Why are all these women so damned easy?”

It’s not just the women, either.

Everything’s easy for me. Brought up on the rough streets of South London, all I want to do is fight, f$&k and have a good time.

Until Lily Morgan shows up one night at the illegal boxing club where I make money beating the hell out of hedge-fund jerks and soft City boys. She’s a good girl. I can see that as she sits there in her prim little cardigan.

But there’s something there in her dark eyes as she watches the sweat drip down my bare chest after the final bell rings. Something that says she knows she shouldn’t be enjoying it… but she can’t help herself.

Lily: “I’ve seen him fight. I know the score. But if he thinks I’m going to drop to my knees at the first cocky grin he throws my way, he’s got a real challenge on his hands.”

Callum Cross is trouble.

It’s written all over his gorgeous face. The first time I saw him was at the illegal boxing club south of the river.

I know his type. Genetically blessed, used to getting his own way, skilled at using the kind of arrogant, masculine charm that has women desperate to be with him and men wishing they could be him.

He thinks I’m going to be easy like the rest of them. Too bad I’m about to prove him wrong. I didn’t come to London to meet a man. I came to get a simple job done.

And absolutely nothing about Callum Cross says ‘simple.’

Author’s Note: Hot Blooded is a hot, sexy, full-length (~90k words), standalone romance novel with a HEA and NO cliffhangers! Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is intended for readers over 18.

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