Hood’s Heart

By Dana Michelle Burnett

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Mia Kershaw has always struggled with the drudgery of adult life, but even she was surprised when she walks away from her relationship and life in New York to hop on the first available flight to London. All she knew was that her life was not turning out anything like she planned, and only her best friend could help her fix the mess she had made of everything.

But days spent in historical England take a toll. She is having dreams of a life she never had, a life that took place centuries ago and all of it seems more real than the life she left behind.

Jaxon Davies has lived in London his entire life. He thought he was content just tending bar at the local pub until a stranger from America catches his eye and reveals his connection to a famous English legend.

Now, as the past as present collide, they must decide if they truly believe in fate and a love that spans two lifetimes. Are they ready for the secrets of Hood’s heart?

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