Every Touch

By Nerika Parke

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Being dead can take a lot of getting used to.
Denny Carpenter finds that out when he wakes up unexpectedly deceased. Unseen and unheard by the living, he is trapped as a ghost in the building where he lived, and where he died. He tries to make the most of his death and he’s doing pretty well, until Laila moves into his flat and turns his afterlife upside down.
Laila Smith is attempting to overcome her fear and rebuild her life. For the first time since she escaped her abusive ex-boyfriend, she has moved into her own home and is living on her own again. Laila has no idea, however, that she’s not alone.
Denny falls for his beautiful, vulnerable new flatmate, without any hope of being with her. That is until everything changes when he has to reveal his presence in order to keep her safe, and to Denny’s amazement instead of being afraid of him, Laila develops a bond with her guardian ghost.
Together at last, they fall in love.
But Denny’s time on earth is running out and only Laila can help him. Has knowing him given her the strength she needs to save him, before they lose each other forever?

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