By Arabella Abbing

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I’ve wanted her since the moment we met.

The girl whose boyfriend I beat the crap out of when I caught him cheating on her. The girl who coldly rejected me when I admitted my feelings to her.

The girl who I’ve never been able to stop thinking about even though I haven’t spoken to her in eight years.

Amber, my stepsister. My first and only love.

When I found out that her boyfriend was deep in debt to a local crime group known as the Sanchez family, I asked my best friend John to make sure they didn’t run into trouble while in town.

Of course, I asked him to watch her, not accidently bump into her on the street and develop a crush on her. But he managed to come up with an arrangement that would satisfy both of our desires.

When a series of events leads to Amber hiding in our shared house, it doesn’t take long for John to convince her to agree to the proposition.

Just as I start to get everything I ever dreamed of, the Sanchez family storms into my dominion to take it away. To take her away.

But they’ll have to put John and I in the ground to get to her.

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